National Grief Awareness Week

Throughout the past year, many people have experienced grief in an intense and unusual way. It can also be difficult time for the people around the bereaved person(s), as often people don't know what to say or how to respond to others grief.

This National Grief Awareness Week (2-8 December), we wanted to share some ways for you to help a friend or a family member, places to go for professional help and creative activities to manage your feelings...

How to help a friend or family member...

Creative ways to manage your feelings...

Doing activities that bring you joy and connect you closer to others can help you come to terms with your loss and aid the grieving process.

Happiness Journal

Many people find journals help. During lockdown, our arts centre teams created a happiness journal which is perfect for writing down your thoughts and highlighting what's important to you.

Sound Bath

Meditative sound baths relax and renew you, whilst helping you to find peace and refuge in times of difficulty.

Wellness Walks

Stretch, meditate and breathe on our wellness walks along the beautiful coast with a friendly group of like-minded people. Rest your mind and body, and be part of something wonderful.

Flower Workshop

Flower arrangements can provide much-needed comfort when grieving.  Immerse yourself in a craft that promotes a sense of well-being and create something truly beautiful.

Dancing Free

Unleash the natural dance that lies within you and express your feelings through cathartic and heartfelt movements.

Playing with paint

Paint with total freedom of imagination, without comments, explanations, evaluation or criticism. All ages can express and help manage emotions through the arts.

Further support from professional help...

For more help and support contact Cruse. They offer an online support team as well as in person.

This article was written by:
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Jasmine Taylor

Community Programme Coordinator at Forest Arts Centre in charge of Classes, Workshop and Community Outreach projects to engage and enrich the local New Milton Community.
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