Tino's Tales: Hey Ho the Wind and the Rain

Teddy Baby has nothing to do on a gloomy, wet day. But reading a book takes him on an adventure to another world and pirate treasure! Find out how Teddy Baby beats the rainy day blues, then have fun with our Teddy Tales Treasure Island activity sheet.

The trees waved, bent and bowed as the wind and rain buffeted them.

Teddy Baby sighed, his nose pressed against the window, watching one of nature’s gloomier days. Every now and then a particularly powerful gust sent rain spattering hard against the glass. It was more like winter than spring. There was no sign of any birds, bees or butterflies. He’d get cold and wet if he went outside today, so there was nothing for it but to stay indoors. He sighed again, turning away from the streaming window.

Looking around the room at the other bears playing cards, board games and Animal Crossing, Teddy Baby sighed again and flopped into a chair. What to do?

Rupert looked up from the book he was reading and noticed Teddy Baby’s unhappiness.

‘Well, I do think it must be story time,’ announced Rupert loudly for all the younger bears to hear. There were smiles on all faces as the bears settled round Rupert.

‘Well, I do think it must be story time,’ announced Rupert. Illustration by Mark Fenton.

Teddy Baby made himself comfortable on a cushion. He loved listening to the stories of the other bears, but Rupert was his favourite storyteller. He had had such an interesting life! Given to Bill when he was a boy, Rupert was Bill’s first bear and had lived through so much with him – including two world wars! Those were the best stories of all, especially Rupert’s dramatic description of the day a bomb fell on the house.

As Rupert told his tale, the young bears leaned forward in concentration, following the pattern of the familiar story and even joining in with the parts they knew and enjoyed the most.

Finally, Rupert fell silent and the listeners stood up and wandered away chatting cheerfully. All except Teddy Baby, whose face had a faraway look as he stayed seated.

‘Are you alright, Teddy Baby?’ asked Rupert. ‘Did you enjoy the story?’

‘Oh yes,’ replied Teddy Baby. ‘In fact I liked it so much I forgot all about the miserable weather and being stuck indoors. Listening to the story was like being somewhere else!’

‘That’s the magic of stories,’ smiled Rupert. ‘They can take you wherever you want to go.’

Teddy Baby looked thoughtful, then disappeared from sight.

Later, Rupert found Teddy Baby reading Treasure Island.

‘Where have you been?’ asked the older bear.

‘On a pirate ship to an island, meeting new people and hunting treasure!’ replied Teddy Baby with wide excited eyes, waving the book at Rupert.

‘Well that sounds like an exciting day out!’

Teddy Baby nodded happily and returned to reading, not even noticing the noise of the buffeting wind and rain outside.

Teddy Tales: Treasure Island

Help Teddy Baby to solve the Treasure Island maze and discover hidden treasure.

Teddy Tales: Treasure Island

Teddy Baby, Rupert and all of Bill’s collection of 269 bears will soon be moving into a new home at Mr Simpson’s Teddy Bear Museum in Milestones Museum. Find out how we’re getting the bears ready for their move.

Tino's Tales was made by Mark Fenton, Ruth James, Caroline Johnson, Helen Sinnamon and Nick Suffolk

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