Tino's Tales: The Newcomer

A new bear joins Bill's collection this week - will the bears all end up being mates? Read on to find out, then use the teddy bear code to decipher some secret messages in our fun Teddy Tales activity.

‘You say it "mate" – the same as "late" or "gate." But it’s spelled M-E-I-G-H-T. Lord Meight is my name, how do you do?’

The bears stared at the newcomer. They had never met another bear like him! His gold crown and red sleeveless cape with white fur trim suggested that he was very, very important. And he knew words that they didn’t! He must be very, very clever too.

His gold crown and red sleeveless cape with white fur trim suggested that he was very, very important. Illustration by Mark Fenton

‘It’s a mantle,’ the new arrival explained to Tino who had reached out a paw to touch the fabric of the cloak. It was so soft! Lord Meight was very, very well dressed.

The bears were awestruck around Lord Meight. No-one quite knew the right things to say or do. He was clearly a better bear than them!

Rupert had been friends with Bill for the longest, so as the most experienced bear, he spoke first.

‘Erm, Mr – I mean, Lord – Meight. You will have the best place on the top shelf,’ suggested Rupert, hoping that Lord Meight would be pleased with the offer of a spot in the prime position. It seemed like the right thing for a Lord bear.

Lord Meight looked up to where Rupert was pointing.

‘No thank you,’ he replied sharply. ‘I think I’ll go over there.’ Lord Meight strode towards the bottom shelf where he arranged his mantle around him and sat down gracefully, the latest addition to Bill’s collection.

Rupert was worried and glanced at Tino. Had he offended Lord Meight? The new bear hadn’t seemed very happy with Rupert’s suggestion, in fact he had gone rather pale and was now wrapping his mantle tightly around him. Tino smiled back at Rupert reassuringly – he thought he knew what might be wrong.

‘That’s right!’ smiled Lord Meight sounding relieved. ‘I didn’t want to tell you that I’m afraid of heights in case you all thought I was a silly bear!’

‘Not at all!’ said Tino, patting Lord Meight’s paw to comfort him. ‘We thought that you would think we were silly bears for not having such nice clothes as you, or knowing so many words!’

Seeing that Tino and Lord Meight were smiling and laughing together, Rupert thought it must be safe to join them.

‘Is everything alright, erm, sir?’ asked Rupert.

Lord Meight and Tino roared with laughter.

‘Please just call me Meight!’

‘We’re all such silly bears!’ Tino sputtered between guffaws. ‘If only we’d talked to each other properly at the beginning! Now we understand each other and I know we’re all going to be very good mates!’

Teddy Tales Activity: Lord Meight's Code

Being a very educated and clever teddy bear, Lord Meight has invented a secret code for Bill's bears to use when they want to pass secret messages. Can you work out what the messages say?

Teddy Tales: Lord Meight's Code

Tino, Tilly, Roberta, Rupert and all of Bill’s collection of 269 bears will soon be moving into a new home at Mr Simpson’s Teddy Bear Museum in Milestones Museum. Find out how we’re getting the bears ready for their move.

Tino's Tales was made by Mark Fenton, Ruth James, Caroline Johnson, Helen Sinnamon and Nick Suffolk

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