Coronation celebrations of Hampshire's past

The history of coronations in England is filled with grand ceremonies, lavish pageantry and symbolism. The coronation ceremony marks the ascension of a monarch to the throne.

The earliest coronations in England were simple affairs, but they became more elaborate over time. By the time of Queen Victoria's coronation in 1838, the ceremony had become a spectacle, with processions, banquets and pageants that lasted for several days.

As we approach today's coronation of Charles III on Saturday 6 May, we took a look back through our historic images to see how the people of Hampshire marked past coronation events. From pageants to fayres, decorations to processions there was no shortage of photographs!

Black and white photograph, showing a large gathering to celebrate the coronation of King George V, Crown Close, Alton, Hampshire, 1910.
Black and white negative of coronation celebrations for George V in Winchester High Street, 1911.
Sepia postcard showing procession for King Edward VII Coronation, Winchester Street, Basingstoke, Hampshire. 1902.
Black and white photograph showing procession, in honour of King George V coronation, Basingstoke, Hampshire. 1911.
Black and white print of the east side of the Westgate, Winchester decorated for the coronation of King Edward VII, 1901-1902.
Black and white photograph showing W and V Stockers Gym Class display, in honour of King George VI coronation, Hackwood Park, Winslade, Hampshire. 1937.
Sepia photograph showing celebration, in honour of King Edward VII coronation, at The Grange, Alresford, Hampshire, 1902.
Sepia photograph showing celebration, in honour of King Edward VII coronation, at The Grange, Alresford, Hampshire, 1902.
Glass negative of children presented with Coronation mugs at Stockbridge, Hampshire, 1953.

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Photographs Our photographic collection contains topographical views of the county, its industries and inhabitants dating from the 1850’s to the present day, including representations of local photographers such as Terry Hunt of Basingstoke and William Savage of Winchester.

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