Cheers to volunteers

This week, we take the time to celebrate Volunteers Week and the contribution our volunteers make to the work we do.

What is volunteers' week?

Volunteers Week takes place 1 - 7 June every year. It is the perfect chance to recognise the fantastic contribution volunteers make and to thank them for their continued support and commitment to their role as volunteers.

"I absolutely recommend volunteering for Hampshire Cultural Trust. I volunteer at Milestones to combat loneliness, to interact with the community, build confidence and create and share memories with visitors" - Milestones volunteer of six years

Cheers to volunteers!

It is with the support of our dedicated, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and valued volunteers that our work here at Hampshire Cultural Trust (HCT) is possible.

"We extend a huge thank you to all HCT volunteers for their work at the trust. It is with their ongoing commitment and support in helping us achieve our mission, and in the delivery of our day-to-day activities, that we can continue to change the lives that we do through culture. Their work is hugely appreciated." Paul Sapwell, Chief Executive

Some fun facts!

  • During the pandemic, almost one in five (17%) people reported volunteering at least once a month – that's about 9.2m people
  • 16.3m people volunteered through a group, club or organisation in 2020/21 alone
  • In 2020/21, 54% of the population (29.4m) volunteered informally at least once a year and 33% (17.9m) did so at least once a month.

Why are volunteers important to Hampshire Cultural Trust?

At Hampshire Cultural Trust, we rely on a large volunteer workforce (approximately 450 individuals) to help support our venues, collections and the work we do. With around 24 venues to consider, each ranging from interactive and immersive history and heritage, to arts centres and much more, our volunteers are indeed at the heart of what we do.

"The teams of volunteers who work in my venues stand out as the most supportive, dedicated and kindest people we could hope to bring together within our museums. Their passion for what they do shines through and is reflected in the enjoyment and engagement of our visitors. Working with them is a pleasure and I want to say a huge thank you to each one of them for challenging us to be the best venue we can be; for creating the best volunteering experience for other volunteers and for making the museums a joyous place to work" - Laura Bullivant, Community Manager

How can you get involved?

Whether your interest is in history, art, gardening, or any other area we have a variety of roles. You could find yourself as a costumed character at Milestones, ushering a live performance at one of our art centres, supporting our education programme or helping us keep our variety of venues in perfect shape all whilst supporting your local area and developing skills, experience and friendships.

Submit your interest in volunteering online and help make a difference in your local community.

A spotlight on Red House Museum and Gardens

"I would definitely recommend volunteering as a means of building friendships and helping your community." - Richard Giddings, Red House garden volunteer

"I love volunteering at the Red House as you never know what the day will bring. It is very difficult to choose a favourite part of the site – I love the garden and it can be so peaceful, and thanks to our dedicated team of gardeners, it looks wonderful in summer. The Gallery has interesting displays and helps me to appreciate art more. I would recommend volunteering with HCT you just never know who you will meet." Sue Pilgrim, Red House volunteer

"I began as a front of house volunteer over ten years ago when I retired. I like meeting members of the public and having the opportunity to chat with them and talk about the history of the Red House. I have worked alongside many volunteers which I greatly enjoy. [As part of the Still Curious project] we have a regular group who come to stroll, learn and make friends. I really enjoy these occasions and look forward to them, enjoying the company of fellow volunteers and participants, whilst learning about the history of the town. The strolls are memorable experiences for me. I enjoy being in the museum and its lovely garden and feel comfortable and feel comfortable in all its areas." Janet Brown, Red House Museum volunteer

"I would recommend volunteering with HCT because it gives people the chance to use aquired skills and the chance to develop others." Tony Nicholson, Red House Museum volunteer

"Starting volunteering, I wanted to give back to the town that has given me so much all my life and to meet like minded people. Now, it is interesting, social and you feel genuinely appreciated by everybody. It feels good to give back." Heather White, Red House Museum

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