Super Dad the Seahorse

A male seahorse really is a super dad. It gives birth to seahorse babies. A female will release eggs into the pouch on a male’s belly. The male fertilises the eggs and carries them around until it is time for it to give birth.

Did you know?

· A seahorse is a fish.

· A seahorse does not have scales but has a thin skin covering its boney body.

·  A seahorse can move its eyes independently. It can look forward and backwards at the same time.

· Seahorse feed on tiny crustaceans. They suck up their food through a long thin snout then swallow it whole.

· A seahorse can change colour to match its surroundings to avoid predators and communicate to each other.

· A seahorse has a prehensile tail to grip on to seagrasses to stop it getting washed away.

· The biggest seahorse is 35cm and the smallest 1.5cm.

Click Here to for a Seahorse Father's Day Card Activity

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Wendy Redman

Venue Manager Gosport Museum, Gallery and SEARCH and Learning Lead.
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