Arts #ProgrammerPicks: Ed.9

Check in with top comedians, listen to live music from around the world and go on a journey through mysterious corridors in an attempt to find The Way Out.  It's this week's #ProgrammerPicks from the live programme team at West End Centre, Ashcroft Arts Centre and Forest Arts Centre.

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Fern Brady, Kemah Bob, Alison Spittle and Sikisa did a zoom call together for an audition, they didn't get the parts but thought it would be a fun to do something together in the future. That something is going to happen on Sunday 21 June at 7.30pm...

Comedy Festival Online - Alison, Kemah, Fern and Sikisa: Talk Together

Please note: this show is ticketed.

As shows around the world are on pause, it’s more important than ever to support the artists and acts we love. Tune in every night as artists host live shows in Sofar Sounds online listening room, a space for artists to connect with global audiences. All shows are free and optional donations can be given. You can expect live streams this week from Konradsen (in Oslo), Alex Serra & Totidub (in Madrid) and Adekunle Gold (in Lagos)...

Catch this surreal, theatrical adventure, filmed in one continuous, unbroken shot in Battersea Arts Centre, the home of scratch theatre. In The Way Out a young person escapes into a seemingly empty building at night and meets a mysterious guide who offers them an alternative way out. Watch on demand via BBC iPlayer.

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Former Product Marketing Manager (Combined Arts) for all of Hampshire Cultural Trust's arts venues
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