Museum Shop Sunday

This Sunday (26 November) marks #MuseumShopSunday - an international campaign highlighting the role of retail in helping arts, cultural and heritage venues to survive – and thrive!

With Christmas just one month away, if you're in need of Christmas gift inspiration, check out our museum shops for local crafts, retro gems and high quality goods for all ages and budgets. Every purchase helps to support our work in communities across the county.

Discover more about our unique museum shop collections below, with some handpicked star objects from each of our gift shops!

878 AD


At 878 AD, step into the world of the Anglo-Saxons with our historical helmet replicas. Embrace the past and become part of these epic tales and legendary eras with our meticulously crafted historical helmets!

For £125, channel the heroic spirit of Beowulf, the heroic protagonist of the eponymous epic poem that dates back to the years 975-1025 AD. Crafted from 18-gauge steel and antiqued brass with antiqued brass embellishments, this stunning recreation pays homage to the heroic status of an Anglo-Saxon warrior.

If you're drawn to another iconic figure from the annals of history, the Sutton Hoo Helmet, associated with King Raedwald of East Anglia, beckons for £350. This handcrafted steel and brass replica showcases intricate motifs, hinged cheek pieces and a leather lining, reminiscent of an iconic early Middle-Ages artefact discovered during the excavation of the Sutton Hoo ship-burial.

For those who seek to embrace the heritage of Viking-era Britain, the Coppergate Helmet, also known as the 'York Helmet,' is available for £199. This well-preserved 8th-century relic is a testament to early medieval craftsmanship, featuring Latin inscriptions and protective motifs recreated with steel and brass.

Milestones Museum


A firm favourite of Lorna's, Retail Manager at Milestones Museum, is equally mirrored by many of our visitors, both young and old:

"These toys really brings back nostalgic memories of my own childhood – a gorgeous range of Oxford die-cast model-scale cars and commercial vehicles. In total, we stock about 76 model-scale cars to choose from.

Many of our visitors spend good time looking through our collection, seeing if they can find a particular model they remember; their first car or their dad’s or grandad’s car. I am the same! I am always looking for the (horrible!) tan coloured Austin 1800 that my dad had, or the much swisher bright white Datsun 120Y.

These little cars perfectly exhibit the living memory and living history element of our museum; they bring back memories and we often get family groups standing round the display talking about what family cars they remember from the past. I often have long conversations with our visitors about the model cars or trucks that they have chosen. Products inspired by the 60s, 70s and 80s are a firm favourite for most. A major part of my job is chatting to customers and reminiscing about the past with them – this is a part of my job that I really love."

Aldershot Military Museum


Sluban military construction toys are one of the most popular lines at Aldershot Military Museum. We have a fantastic range of military vehicles in stock, which compliment the vehicles we have in our collections, such as our tanks.

These toys are perfect for Christmas and birthday presents and are a fun activity that the whole family can do together.

These items are affordable and they're compatible with other construction bricks, too!


At Allen Gallery, we are proud to showcase a diverse and vibrant collection of unique items crafted by our local artists within our gift shop. Browse a fantastic collection of artistic wonders, featuring exquisite ceramics, captivating prints and intricate embroidery.

Andover Museum and Museum of the Iron Age


It is no surprise that, at Andover Museum and Museum of the Iron Age, our wide range of crystals, fossils and gemstones are best-sellers! Perfectly complimenting the museum's archaeological collections, these objects are contextually impressive, and are beautiful to look at, too!

We have a range of price points for any level of collector, including our ever-popular tumble stones, which you can purchase for under £1.

The Arc


Fun fact: The Arc stands for 'arts, reading and community'! Art, creativity and inspiration are at the very heart of our vibrant venue.

The Arc is one of the few places in Winchester where you can buy quality art supplies. At our shop, you can buy the tools you need to create, including our ever-popular watercolour sets and sketchbooks.

During a visit to our multi-purpose venue, you can also view our current exhibition or take part one of our many art workshops. Might you find your muse?

City Museum


City Museum's medieval tiles offer a captivating glimpse into history. Crafted with precision, these artefacts represent the artistry and culture of the medieval era, on display throughout our museum.

Our annual workshops, in collaboration with Hyde100, provide hands-on experience in creating these tiles.

Curtis Museum


The Curtis Museum stands out as a unique destination in the local area, offering an exclusive opportunity to purchase dollhouse miniatures! If you're a devoted enthusiast of all things miniature, this is a must-visit.

Our gift shop is a treasure trove of delights. Whether you're an avid collector or new to the world of miniatures, the Curtis Museum is your gateway to a world of small wonders!


Gosport Museum and Art Gallery offers a unique retail range that supports local creatives. All items sold in our retail area have been made by local crafters and artists and is a platform for them to showcase their products.

Items include leather bags, wood-turned bowls, jewellery, cards, prints and gifts for the whole family. The creatives bring in new items so there is always something different to see!

Red House Museum and Gardens


At Red House Museum, we are always very keen to encourage local artists – particularly those who respond to our beautiful coastal surroundings and of course, Red House Museum itself. Therefore, we are delighted to be able to stock a range of colourful artwork printed on cards and tea towels by Bournemouth based artist, Vivien Hoffman, with her colourful 'Joie de Viv' range.


To accompany the Sainsbury Gallery exhibitions, the Willis Museum shop often stocks items relating to the theme of the current exhibition. This autumn/winter, we are celebrating the artist David Remfry and his exhibition We Think the World of YouPeople Drawn with their Dogs. We have the book to accompany the exhibition plus other pawesome pet-related items!

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