Know your skulls

Can you identify these animals from the skulls held in our Natural Sciences collection? We have provided some clues to help you out. Good luck!

A - In folklore this creature is said to be very cunning and was the hero of a Roald Dahl story.
B - This animal originally came from America. In the mythology of the American Indians, a solar eclipse was attributed to the rare, all black, form of this creature trying to eat the sun, nibbling away at the edges as the eclipse progressed.
C - The Romans are credited with introducing this animal to Britain more than 1500 years ago. In spring males and females can be seen ‘boxing’ with each other.
D – There are wild colonies of this Australian creature in the Peak District and, fun fact, they have environmentally friendly farts! They produce almost no methane and only release carbon dioxide, which is 23 times less harmful to the environment.
E - These animals are generally solitary, but do form small groups in the winter and are associated with the Celtic 'Horned God' Cernunnos.
F - These, mainly nocturnal animals, got there modern name in the 16th century, when it was noted that there striped face markings looked like the sash servants wore to represent their houses.
G - This animal was domesticated from its wild ancestor over 15,000 years ago and there are now over 360 different breeds of all shapes and sizes.


A - Fox

B - Grey Squirrel

C - Brown Hare

D - Wallaby

E - Roe Deer

F - Badger

G - Dog

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