Make your own Jubilee bunting: National Creativity Day

This National Creativity Day, we invite you to make your own Jubilee themed bunting ahead of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations this weekend! Using our templates below, draw, paint and create your own themed bunting. We've provided you with prompts and ideas for your creative displays if you're looking for some inspiration.

Within the template lines on the PDF document above, you can then theme each triangle around something royal like a castle, some jewels, The Queen or even a corgi. It might also be fun to dedicate your bunting to your street party - host a competition with your neighbours for the best bunting! Be as creative as you wish; incorporate paint, pens, stickers, beads or even glitter to make your bunting really stand out from the crowd.

Once you are happy with each piece, cut out your bunting and follow along the small slits at the top (please supervise children during this step).

You'll need some ribbon or string in order to proudly display your bunting; feed this through the slits one by one. Once they're all attached, you can evenly space the triangles out, securing with tape or safety pins if it's a windy day!

Once the Jubilee is over, keep your bunting in a safe space to look back on. You may like to make a time capsule by placing your bunting in a carboard box with pictures of the event with a letter from you – who you are, where you live and so on. For many, this Jubilee is a momentous occasion – with our Queen standing as the longest reigning British monarch, it will be great to say that you were there and tell future generations!

We've got an array of Jubilee events happening across Hampshire Cultural Trust from 1940s Week at Milestones Museum to various Jubilee trails. Take a look!

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