Introducing Mythomania

Step into a world of mesmerising giant sculptural creations that have just arrived at the Willis Museum and Sainsbury Gallery in Basingstoke for Mythomania!

The Fisher King, 2019, Ian Kirkpatrick

Imagined from the brilliant mind of Leeds-based Canadian artist, Ian Kirkpatrick, these intricate artworks are conceived using graphic design software and brought to life in a variety of materials including stainless steel, vinyl, corrugated cardboard, Perspex and Dibond.

Radiant Child, 2013, Ian Kirkpatrick

For Mythomania, Kirkpatrick has created a series of stunning 2D and sculptural works which explore humanity’s ongoing fascination with mythical stories - from ancient Greek legends to modern superheroes and 'fake news'. The large-scale sculptures allude to ancient monuments, dragons and robots, while the surface of each piece reflects our culture’s obsession with heroes, villains, utopias and apocalypses.

Britannia, 2015, Ian Kirkpatrick

Mythomania draws parallels between ancient and present-day societies while aiming to show how myth remains a vital force in culture, reflecting our hopes, fantasies and fears.

Come along and walk amongst these huge sculptures and marvel at the mind and skill of Ian Kirkpatrick who brought these pieces to life.

Look out for a future piece on Culture on Call all about the exhibition which will delve deeper into the symbolism of some of these monumental pieces.

This free exhibition is open until 15 October 2022 at the Willis Museum and Sainsbury Gallery.

A 20-21 Visual Arts Centre Touring Exhibition.

This article was written by:

Tara McKinney Marinus

Visual Arts Exhibitions Manager, Culture Hubs
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