Colouring Activity: Kingfishers

KidsZone Apr 01, 2020

In Fareham's Westbury Manor Museum, you'll find this stunning case of kingfishers from around the world.

Kingfishers by Ashmead & Co at Westbury Manor Museum

It was prepared by Ashmead & Co of Bishopsgate, London, who won a medal for their work in 1862. A case of this size would have taken a few years to assemble as Ashmead & Co relied on collectors and explorers to send birds skins from their travels abroad!

Recreate the kingfishers' magnificent plumage with our four fabulously feathery colouring sheets!

Colouring Sheet: Kingfishers 1

Colouring Sheet: Kingfishers 2

Colouring Sheet: Kingfishers 3

Colouring Sheet: Kingfishers 4

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