Bursledon Windmill: take five

Take five volunteers from Bursledon Windmill, ask them all the same five questions and see the results...

Bursledon Windmill volunteers, Flic and Viv.
Bursledon Windmill volunteers, Stephen, Jane and Alan.

Question 1- How long have you been a volunteer at Bursledon Windmill?

Alan: Four years

Stephen: Six and a half years

Jane: Five years

Viv: Four years

Flic: Four years

Question 2 - Why did you become a volunteer?

Alan: It's an interesting place to work and I wanted to give back to the community

Stephen: I was seeking something to do, with an interest in technology and I enjoy meeting people

Jane: I love history and local history. It's important to save it for the next generation

Viv: It's a beautiful place to be!

Flic: I wanted to meet new people and be part of a team

Question 3 - What is your favourite day at the mill?

Alan: I enjoy the community events

Stephen: Pizza Days!

Jane: Pond dipping days, seeing the different pond life and the fascination of the families attending these events

Viv: The Mill Christmas Fayre

Flic: Halloween for the dressing up!

Question 4 - Why would you suggest someone becomes a volunteer?

Alan: It is a lovely site and it is important to maintain our local heritage

Stephen: Burseldon Windmill is a lovely place to be and there's enjoyable company

Jane: It's interesting to meet lots of people and put something back into the community

Viv: I find it really rewarding meeting very nice people, especially the public

Flic: It's great to help the community and help people

Question 5 - Tell us a fact about the mill

Alan: The mill is over 200 years old and a piece of the local community

Stephen: I enjoy seeing the mill working and looking forward to seeing it in operation and working in the near future

Jane: A female miller raised the money to build the mill over 200 years ago

Viv: We are running a campaign to raise money to save our sails

Flic: Once we have our new sails, we will be the only working windmill in Hampshire!

Bursledon Windmill | Hampshire Cultural Trust
Discover Bursledon Windmill, Hampshire’s only working windmill, and a fascinating glimpse into the county’s milling history. Built in 1814, after a period of dereliction it was restored and reopened in the 1990s as a working windmill and heritage attraction.

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