The BIGGER Picture: New Milton

We are proud of the community we serve and through these tough times it’s important to stay positive and see the 'bigger picture'. More time spent at home means more time to explore your creativity, concentrate on things you didn't have time for before, appreciate time with your loved ones (either in person or virtually) and share memories.  

If you like to get creative and want to take part in a virtual project alongside others in the community we've got just the thing for you...

Get involved!

Check out this old photo taken in New you recognise where in the town it is and can you guess when it was taken?


Not only are we asking you to tell us where and when it was taken, we're tasking you to pick one of the squares below and sketch it, paint it, collage it or recreate it however you like and send it to us. We will then bring all the pictures together to create #TheBiggerPicture and share on our social media.  

Here are a few submissions to spark your imagination. There are no wrong answers - you can use any medium and explore any interpretation, make it your own!

Please email your submissions to with your:

  1. Name
  2. Age (optional)
  3. Chosen medium
  4. Class (if you attend one at Forest Arts Centre)
  5. And of course, where and when you think the original picture was taken.

Every submission will receive a FREE hot drink when we re-open in the autumn. Have fun and we look forward to seeing your creations!

If you have enjoyed Culture on Call and you are able to make a donation, any support you can give will help us keep people connected.

This article was collaboration between:
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Jasmine Taylor

Community Programme Coordinator at Forest Arts Centre in charge of Classes, Workshop and Community Outreach projects to engage and enrich the local New Milton Community.
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Amy Watson

Former Product Marketing Manager (Combined Arts) for all of Hampshire Cultural Trust's arts venues
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