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This year, Children’s Art Week is taking place across three weeks from 29 June - 19 July. Each each week focuses on a special theme to encourage children and young people to get involved with the arts and we're sharing ideas to help on the Ashcroft Arts, Forest Arts and West End Centre Facebook pages - keep an eye out!

To extend this celebration of the arts, from Monday 6 July to Friday 28 August we’re offering children the opportunity to gain an Arts Award Discover at home...

What is the Arts Award Discover?

The Arts Award Discover is ideal for children in Key Stage 1 and 2. As an introductory award, it starts you on your Arts Award journey and can lead to you completing Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it's creative, valuable and accessible. You can find more information on the Arts Award Discover here.

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How to take part

Participate in an arts activity, discover an artist and share your work with us by completing your Arts Award Discover portfolio here. You can either take inspiration from the Children's Art Week themes below, or discover another art form and artist that interests you.

Children's Art Week Theme - 6 July - Connecting across generations:
Forest Arts Centre’s Community Programme Coordinator (and dance teacher) Jasmine has created a challenge that you can take part in as your arts activity. In the video below, Jasmine talks you through how to create your own inter-generational dance piece. You can use some of Jasmine's moves or create your own. All you need is:

  • Your favourite piece of modern music
  • A note pad
  • An old photograph
  • Plenty of space

Bonus: talk to an older family member like mum, dad or grandma and ask them for their favourite dance moves or songs they love to listen too. You can incorporate them into your piece!

Children's Art Week Theme - 13 July - Literacy and creative writing:

Forest Arts Centre also hosts a creative writing group who meet once a month. Group leader Adam has suggested the following themes to kick start your creative writing journey. Think of your favourite author and why they inspire you to help your writing too:

✒️ A Bigger Splash

💧 Breaking The Ice

❄️ Carnival

🎪 Starting Over

✔️ Summer Mystery

❓ The Villa Stood On The Top Of A Hill

How to submit

Take part in an arts activity, complete your Arts Award Discover portfolio here and submit it via email to with the following information.

  • Participant Name
  • Participant Age
  • Parent or Guardian Name
  • Postal Address (for certificate delivery)

Once your portfolio has been moderated you will then receive a link to pay a £5 fee* online.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 28 August 2020.

*The fee to complete your Arts Award is £5 which includes your certificate, administration, and postage.

Hampshire Cultural Trust reserves the right to moderate all submissions. Any content deemed unsuitable will not be submitted.

We ask you to supply first name and age with the submission for Trinity College to provide the Arts Award Discover certificate. We respect your privacy and will not publish or share any further identifying personal data about your submission with other third parties.

For information on how we use and process your personal data please see our Privacy Policy here.

Movement Disclaimer: Please take care when moving, make sure you are not on your own and get permission from a parent or carer before taking part. Please be aware of any hazards such as ornaments that could be knocked over or trip hazards (be mindful of pets!) Please stop moving if you feel pain or discomfort and make sure you do the warm-up before creating. Please wear comfortable footwear and do not wear socks on slippery surfaces such as laminate floor. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing which is easy to move around in. Follow the teacher’s directions as per the video. We cannot accept responsibility for any injuries, loss or damage that may be caused when following the movement. It is the viewer's responsibility to look after their own safety and be sensible when moving and the viewer takes part at his/hers own risk.

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