HCT Collections Art Challenges: January and February showcase

Each month, we host untutored art challenges online from Forest Arts Centre, New Milton, bringing budding artists from across the county together to create and share their love of art. The monthly sessions see participants take inspiration from our monthly object features on Culture On Call, as they create original pieces of varying sizes, methods and materials.

The sessions are not only rewarding for the participants involved, but we get great satisfaction from these challenges also - here at HCT. We love to see the pieces produced inspired by the objects we care for and that's why we'd love to share these pieces with you!

January's featured object was our adorable teddy bear, Zotty.

The star of our second instalment of Teddy Bear Focus, February's feature provided a beautiful point of reference for our artists.

With textured fur and glossy glass eyes, monochrome ink, pencil and watercolour pieces were produced as Zotty was brought to life on paper. It's quite clear that Zotty's charm and endearing personality is apparent to anyone who sees him, as reflected in these images.

If you've got a soft spot for teddy bears, make sure you visit Mr Simpson's Teddy Bear Museum at Milestones Museum, Basingstoke!

Find out more about Zotty the bear

In February, the feature piece was The Hampshire Mirror.

Taken from the Museum of the Iron Age in Andover, this object is in remarkable condition. Celtic mirrors were usually highly decorated and considered important examples of Iron Age art, making for a brilliant artistic reference.

Using jade tones, metallic crayons and watercolour effects, participants were able to create excellent dimension and texture in their pieces, replicating the ornate intricacy of the artifact perfectly.

Find out more about The Hampshire Mirror.

The next online Collections Art Challenge will take place 29 March, with the fun returning the last Tuesday of each month, 10am - 11am. The session is free to book, so be sure to get involved!

Find out more about the HCT Art Challenge

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