A Potted History

Join Hampshire Cultural Trust and Wessex Archaeology to explore how pottery has helped us better understand the impact of the Roman conquest on people’s lives. Over the course of 5 days, a new video will be released on Culture on Call each day.

Part 5

New Forest Ware

Welcome to the final part of our series ‘A Potted History - The Iron Age / Roman transition in Hampshire’ in which we explore how pottery helps us understand life in Britain following the Roman conquest.

We fast-forward in time to the 3rdcentury AD – 200 years after the Roman conquest. By now, potters throughout the province produced high-quality pottery with a Romano-British style. One of the centres of pottery production was the area we now call The New Forest. It had all the natural resources needed for a thriving industry.

Join us for an exclusive look behind the scenes at Wessex Archaeology with author and Finds Manager, Rachael, to see the amazing variety of pottery we collectively refer to as New Forest Wares.

Would you like to find out more? Look out for other instalments of ‘A Potted History’ – part of the online Festival of Archaeology, and a partnership project with Wessex Archaeology.

Do you have a question about our 'Potted History'? Email your questions to engagement@wessexarch.co.uk, and register for our live Q&A session on Friday, 17 July to hear our expert panel answer your questions. Book your place for the Q&A event HERE.

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