Willis Museum Audio Tour

Over the winter, The Friends of The Willis Museum were busy putting together an audio tour so that visitors to the Willis Museum could discover more about some of the many objects on display. Visitors can download the audio tour onto their phones via a QR code as they walk around the building. While the museum is closed during the lockdown, we have made the tour available for our online visitors to discover the museum and its collection virtually.

The objects covered include some of our best known, such as the 100-year-old wedding cake and the Winklebury Roman coffin, but also some of the more obscure objects and information that visitors may miss. For instance, why is a lock of horse’s hair so important that it is on display in a museum?

In time, more objects will be added to the audio tour to tell the story of Basingstoke through this eclectic mix of objects that represent the town's long and fascinating history and echo the original collection of items brought together by the museum’s founder, Mr George Willis.

The Friends and Hampshire Cultural Trust hope the tour provides some information of interest both to our regular visitors and new visitors who we look forward to welcoming in the future.

Click here to access the Tour

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This article was written by:
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Jenny Stevens

Venue Manager at The Willis Museum & Sainsbury Gallery and responsible for the many and varied collection of objects on display and in store across the Culture Hubs team.
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