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Volunteers' Week takes place from Monday 3 - Sunday 9 June 2024. At Hampshire Cultural Trust, we have an extraordinary team of volunteers, who give their time, energy and passion in so many different ways, championing our spaces and collections while creating a positive, welcoming and educational experience for our visitors. This week is the perfect time to recognise the fantastic contribution they make. In this post, we’re spotlighting two volunteers from two very different venues!

Claire, Hampshire Wardrobe

What do you do in your volunteering?

I handle a lot of the appointments and help customers source a huge variety of costume, dependent on their needs. As part of that I also help with hiring and returns; making sure that things go out to the correct people when they come to collect and end up in the laundry when they come back.

How has volunteering impacted you?

I started volunteering here as part of my master’s degree and I feel that I’ve learned so much from the hands-on, practical experience. I feel I’ve grown more confident during appointments, being able to advise clients on what pieces from our collection will suit their individual projects. By interacting with so many people I also feel that I’ve improved my ability to problem solve and adapt, to better help our customers. I feel I’ve been able to learn so much due to such a welcoming and encouraging team that make it so exciting to volunteer here.

Hampshire Wardrobe General Manager, Alex Walker, tells us the impact that Claire’s volunteering has had:

Claire is such an important part of the volunteer team at Hampshire Wardrobe and her impact is almost immeasurable. Her knowledge of costume history is amazing; the way she uses this knowledge, and her costuming skills, means that our customers always leave us feeling happy and confident, having had a truly special experience during their appointment. I always look forward to seeing her smiling face on a Friday and know that it’s going to be a good day!”

Sarah, Milestones Museum

What do you do in your volunteering?

I have been a volunteer for a very long time, helping in many areas of the museum. I help in the café with various tasks such as washing up, cleaning tables and sorting out deliveries and making sure things are stocked up. I also help in the Vintage Tea Tent by serving cakes, making sure tables are tidy and filling up water bottles. When I am not helping in the café or tea tent, I will often help the education team with cleaning the teachers’ mugs! I also enjoy dusting and sorting things in the gift shop or helping with cleaning the kitchen or tidying the stockroom.

Another part of my role that I really enjoy is getting to meet new team members and showing them around and helping them feel welcome.

How has volunteering impacted you?

Volunteering has impacted me in a positive way. It has increased my confidence a lot and has made me more comfortable around crowds of people. Volunteering has also helped me feel less anxious and gives me a good routine. I look forward to my shifts because I love doing new things and I love volunteering!

Visitor Experience Manager, Louwra Preyser, speaks on what Sarah’s contribution means to the team at Milestones:

“Sarah has earned the nickname ‘Super Sarah’ for a very good reason! If you ask anyone at Milestones to describe Sarah, I am sure they would use words like helpful, friendly and hard-working! No task is ever too big for Sarah. She goes out of her way to offer help when it is needed. Her hard work has made a big impact at Milestones Museum. Sarah inspires us all to be more helpful and supportive colleagues and for that we are very grateful.”

If you would like to volunteer at Hampshire Cultural Trust, you can find out more and how to apply on our website.

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