Mystery Milestones

All about objects Mar 26, 2020

Milestones Museum in Basingstoke is full of objects from Hampshire's past, from the Victorians to the Edwardians and through to the 1940s. For our grandparents and their parents, many of the objects you can see on display at Milestones would have been familiar, everyday things they would use around the home.  

You'll find these mysterious looking objects in Kingdon's Ironmongers. Do you know what they are? And what do you think they were used for? The answers will be posted on Tuesday 7 April - check back to see if you were right!

If you have enjoyed Culture on Call and you are able to make a donation, any support you can give will help us keep people connected.

Nick Suffolk

Works to create new exhibitions and experiences at Milestones Museum and Basing House, currently researching Teddy Bears for a new display.

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