Men's Shed: Trinket Box

Welcome to the Trinket Box DIY pack made by the New Milton Men’s Shed! As part of our funded project from Awards for All, please see below the instructions with a video as to how to make your trinket box.

Kit contents:

  • 2 long sides
  • 2 short sides
  • 1 base
  • 1 sanding board
  • Length of tape wrapped around plastic strip

1. Unwind the tape from the plastic strip and lay sticky side up on your chosen work surface (e.g., kitchen worktop). Keep the plastic strip for later. Place the plywood side pieces on the tape, slot side up, making sure the rebates for the base are in line.

2. Try assembling the box as a dry run, without glue, to make sure the base fits the slots and you are comfortable with the way you have laid out the sides – you may prefer to have the first small side on the right and assemble from that end. Place base in the first long side, lift the first small side to meet the base then roll on to the next side and the next to complete the box. If the base doesn’t quite fit in one of the slots, gently sand down the edge using the sanding board.

3. Once you are satisfied that with the dry assembly, open the box again and apply glue to one edge of each side. Also apply a little glue to each edge of the base and place it in to the first long side.

4. As before, lift the small side, then roll on to the next side and the next to complete the box.

Push the sides in to align the corners, then pull the tape tight and wrap over the final corner to hold the sides in place while the glue sets. Using the plastic the tape was wrapped around, scrape off any excess glue, and if necessary wipe with a damp cloth or piece of kitchen towel.

When the glue is dry, remove the tape and gently sand the corners to remove any sharpness. Fit the lid and if required, decorate as you wish.

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