Men's Shed: Fix It, Make It...Hedgehog House!

Forest Arts Centre in partnership with the New Milton Men’s Shed have created DIY packs for isolated men and families to do at home. Using this pack, you can create a small hedgehog house for your garden. Place in a quiet spot once finished and give them a warm home throughout the winter months...

Hedgehog House: level four = ideal for ages 13+

In this pack:

  • Two sides
  • One base
  • One back
  • Front door with archway
  • Middle compartment with archway
  • Roof
  • Screws

Additional tools required:

  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Paint (optional)

Video tutorial (step-by-step instructions below):

Step-by-step Instructions:

1. Secure the two sides labelled to the base using a screw driver or drill. The holes will already be pre-drilled. You can hold the sides on a bench or ask another person to hold.

2. Secure the back, making sure that the sides are sloping towards the front of the house.

3. Secure the front, making sure that the base of the arch is secured to the base.

4. Secure the middle section, making sure that the base of the arch is secured to the base towards the back of the house.

5. Secure the roof with the final two screws.


Practice social distancing guidelines if you need someone to help you. Make sure you have enough room to create your hedgehog house. Be careful when handing the materials, wear gloves to avoid splinters and keep small items out of reach from children. Do not use power tools without a responsible adult present. Be aware of cables if using power tools. Forest Arts Centre and New Milton Men’s Shed cannot accept responsibility for any injuries, loss or damage that may be caused when following the instructions. It is your responsibility to look after your own safety and be sensible when creating. Take part at your own risk.

This project is funded by Hampshire County Council.

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