Cooking on a Ration

Trouble getting the food that you want is not new. On 8 January 1940, the Ministry of Food introduced rationing. This was designed to ensure that the limited amount of food available was shared fairly. You might find that you have a tin of corned beef at the back of your kitchen cupboard. Try making these wartime corned beef fritters and send us a picture on our Facebook or Twitter!

Corned Beef Fritters


2 oz flour (self raising flour or plain flour, whichever you have)

A pinch of salt

1 egg (fresh or dried)

Dash of milk

A pinch of herbs (mixed herbs or something from the garden)

2 teaspoons grated onion

6 oz corned beef finely flaked

A little dripping or margarine to fry


Mix and blend the flour with the salt, beaten egg and dash of milk.

Beat until a smooth batter is achieved.

Add corned beef, onions and herbs.

Melt the dripping or margarine in a frying pan.

Drop in a spoonful of the mixture and press down to form a small patty (mixture should be enough to make eight)

Fry on either side until crisp and brown and serve with veggies or salad while warm.

Makes enough for four people

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