Spectacular Street Dance

Welcome to Spectacular Street Dance. Grab your water bottle and clear some space...it's time to join Jasmine Movement and learn some fast, funky street dance moves!

Stretch Routine

Please follow this stretch routine at the start and end of each session:

Session One

Session Two

Session Three

Please note: the second part of this routine is in session four 

Session Four

Session Five

Session Six

If you have any issues accessing your class our team is on standby to help. Simply email us at ashcroft@hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk

Safety disclaimer:

Please take care when moving, make sure you have a phone nearby or that someone is with you. Please be aware of any hazards such has ornaments that could be knocked over or trip hazards. Please stop moving if you feel pain or discomfort and make sure you have sought medical advice from your doctor. Please wear comfortable footwear and do not wear socks on slippery surfaces such as laminate floor. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing which is easy to move around in. Follow the teacher’s directions as per the video. We cannot accept responsibility for any injuries, loss or damage that maybe caused when following the movement. It is the viewers responsibility to look after their own safety and be sensible when moving and the viewer shall take part at their own risk.

- This online class is part of a pilot programme -

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