Online: Crafty home!

We're so excited that Crafty Culture is back grab your chunky yarn and let Barbara Touati-Evans take you on a crochet journey in these FREE online sessions for you to enjoy at home! You will need...

For finger and hand crochet: a ball of chunky yarn and scissors
For crochet collage: some crochet circles, pins, a piece of fabric to attach the circles, a crochet hook, a ball of contrasting colouring yarn and scissors

You can get in touch with Barbara on Facebook at Let's Crochet UK and also explore her latest project Detangling the Knots online...

HOME | Detanglingtheknots
Arts and Science project exploring Alzheimer’s and dementia using crochet | Detangling the Knots

If you have any issues accessing these videos our team will be able to help. Simply email us at

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